The Party 14 LAN event 2016

The Party 14 - 2016
On the 25th, 26th and 27th of March “The Party” is back with it’s annual LAN event in Eindhoven. They will host the largest LAN in the Benelux with a total of 1.221 seats completely sold out. There is also more price money to be earned then last year. The host, “Duh-events”, have raised the bar by creating such an unique and awesome LAN event.

Ofcourse Aetas eSports will be there just like last year. Occupying two entire rows for a total of 40 members! A lot of them are community members, but Aetas is also very active in the competitive scene. No less then 4 CS:GO teams and 5 Hearthstone players will try to beat every enemy they encounter. So we hope to see you there and if you walk past our “Aetas alley” be sure to come say hello.