Team AETAS 2kill qualified for private cup (1st place €2500)


Friday team AETAS 2kill won a precup which qualified them for a final cup.
Their first opponent were HATERS GONNA HATE, which they defeated on Strike with a 13-4 score.
It was an easy win, not because the enemy was bad but because there was good teamplay.

The next opponent was InFuria, this team was on a totally different level compared to HGH. After a close 12-12 draw on Strike, AETAS changed things around in terms of tactics and managed to blow the enemy away with a 4-0 win in over-time. Final score 16-12.

2nd_AETAS_vs_In_Furia 2nd_AETAS_vs_In_Furia_overtime

They had to face toBRO in the semi-final, and yet again they had to play on Strike, it was barely easy, AETAS won 13-5.


Then came the finals against KLASYK. AETAS knew how KLASYK played, beause they had faced them in an earlier cup. AETAS lost that match with 13-7 which was played on Strike,  probably is the best map of the team. So they knew they had a huge challenge to overcome. The final was best of 3 and AETAS won the knife round. Sadly enough the enemy veto’ed Strike, because they knew that AETAS was getting very good at it.
First map: Citystreets. After being ahead with 12-9 team KLASYK managed to get a draw. There was a very close overtime, but AETAS managed to win it with 4-2. There was very good teamplay and AETAS managed to clutch a lot of rounds.

4th_AETAS_vs_KLASYK 4th_AETAS_vs_KLASYK_overtime

Next map was Backlot. Because AETAS does not play Backlot a lot, they knew that they would have to think of something. They lost the first couple of rounds but managed to adapt to team KLASYK. AETAS was 12-8 behind, but managed to get a draw out of it. And yet again there was an overtime. The overtime was very close, AETAS was 3-1 ahead and was almost sure to win it in the end… They did not, because once again it was a draw: 3-3.

5th_AETAS_vs_KLASYK_overtime1 5th_AETAS_vs_KLASYK_2ndmap

At this moment AETAS knew what would work and what would not. After getting a 2-1 score in the first half which was attack, they managed to get a 4-2 win.

In the end it might seem like team AETAS had an easy final (2-0), but it could have gone either way the whole match. AETAS got the upperhand, because they managed to outsmart the enemy as a team (and had some sick clutches from Lennie).