Recap of The Party 15!

Last week we were present at The Party 15 in Eindhoven with 45 of our amiable friends.
The weekend started off with a nice get together at a local steak restaurant to grab a bite and to discuss what we wanted to accomplish this LAN.

Once we got back to our battlegrounds it was time to plug in our computers for the first games of this LAN.
There were 3 teams who participated in the CS:GO tourney :


  • AETAS Team Black
  • AETAS Team Green
  • AETAS Carriers United (Community Team)



Team Black and Carriers United played both in the same group, Team Green played in Group 6.
At 22:00 everybody was ready to play their first match.

AETAS Team Black played excellent, starting the groupstage with a 16-7 victory against SYNERGY Benelux and closing
it with a 16-1 victory against our own community team Carriers United, who played in the group to practise for the Fun Competition.
Their final place in Group 5 :

AETAS Team Green started the competition with a lose against Team QBYTE, after this game they took there rest for the next game against Join the Gentlemen. They succeeded with a 16-5 endscore! After winning 2 more games this their final place in the group :

For some the Saturday started really early since they had not slept yet (luckely these people did not have to play a competition) and the others started to dribble in and fired up their computers for the first matches for the saturday morning.

AETAS Team Carriers United is a Community team that won last years Fun Competition, they we’re trying to achieve the same this year, but the teams did get better and stronger, they had to deal with a final 10/12 position.

AETAS Team Black was the only one left who survived the Group stages, and made it till the last 16!
Their first match against Asterion didn’t went so well, a 3-16 loss.

After this lose the boys took a short break to get the concentration back they needed for the next match against Triple Play’s Academy team. A very intensive match, but they managed to take care of the game with a 19-16 victory !

ECV.MouseMAFIA was the next victim, 16-13 victory for our boys in a close but great match.
Our next enemy is DutchWarriors, which we still remember from the group stage, a 6-16 lose, time for revenge !

With the team pumped up, supported by many people, they started the battle!
After 1 hour of screaming, cursing and cheering, the game was over.
12-16 for DutchWarriors, a hard fought match unfortunately lost.

A great weekend for AETAS eSports, and we’re looking forward to the next LAN event!
Some great pictures from our boys:

AETAS Team Black with the managers and the banner from our new sponsor NITRADO!


AETAS Team Green playing with their new shirts!


Also some credits for this lad, coming over from England, Gamers Unite! (shirt is a gift from the managers)
Till next year Alex!

We would like to thank everyone for the wonderful weekend and we are looking forward to see you all again at he next event!
Also we are grateful for our main sponsor NITRADO so that we can game without worries on the great servers they have provided us!