New Streamer in AETAS eSports

Hey AETAS eSports supporters,

We want too announce a new streamer in AETAS eSports. 
His name is Gortje Rosendal, and he was a player of a team a long time ago.
We give him all the luck with the streaming, and hope for alot of viewers !!!

Want too see his Streaming ??? 

Statement of Joeri Rosendal :

Hello everyone, My name is Joeri Rosendal. Some of you might already know me as Gortje. I used to play for the AETAS eSports, in a team of League of legends a long time ago, And that’s where i met and became great friends with Haan070. In the time i quit with the team and stopped in Aetas esports, i always kept in touch with Haan070. I always wondered how Aetas was doing as a I felt it was more than just an organization for me. I have been gaming for a long time with the same group of people, And they always told me that i should be a streamer/entertainer, but i never took it seriously until recently. After 7 years of working with people that have mental issues, I have come to a point that it was time to do something different. So I thought it was time to give streaming a go! Two weeks later i have managed to achieve 100 followers, I guess its working out:). Like i said before, I always stayed in contact with Haan070, and wanted to do my best to help Aetas eSports to grow in members and entertainment.I spoke to Haan070 about streaming for Aetas eSports. This will mean that Aetas has me as a streamer and i will advertise the brand of them. There is a chance that i will even stream a few LAN events where Aetas is going to be. This all depends on my home situation since I am expecting a baby boy in June. I hope to see my old Aetas friends and the new ones on, Or in Aetas Teamspeak where i will mostly be in the Rust Channel :).  Also you can join our discord if im not on Teamspeak of AETAS eSports.