New R6-Siege team joins AETAS eSports.


rainbow-six-siege-headbanner New R6-Siege team joins AETAS eSports.

After a short conversation AETAS eSports is welcoming our new Rainbow Six Siege team.
The new team originally played for Dutch Elite devision and decided to make the next step in competitive gaming and joined the eSports division of AETAS.
We are verry proud to anounce this new team to play for the organisation and we expect allot from them in the future. The Team concists of the following players :


– Jarno “nTk” Heerts (Team Captain)
– Arien “Equistym” van Helden
– Roy “Asbak” de Groen
– Chris “dibb3l” van Zeventer
– Rowan “Arthux” de Heer

Reaction from the Team Manager Jarno “nTk” Heerts :

First of all, we are very pleased to represent the AETAS flag during the upcoming time. After a short talk with the managers of AETAS the choice was easily made. As a team we were looking to make that next step into the very fast growing Rainbow Six scene, and we feel AETAS is giving us the chance to show ourselves on the bigger stages. We not only feel, but we also know and have confirmation that we have a lineup that currently represent players of the highest level within the Benelux. Besides that, as shown in earlier scrims and ESL matches we know that we are able to reach a high level within the European scene as well. With finding our latest addition to the lineup in Chris “dibb3l” van Zeventer we can bring our game to an even higher level. We know what is possible and are highly motivated to achieve great things together with the support and trust of AETAS eSports. Game on!