Hi my name is Tim Eussen i go by ingame name T8im do not ask how i came with it up it just happened.

I got introduced by the game by my brother i was 9 years old and always felt like i had to do better than my brother in any type of game or sport.

I was always pushing my self to be the best in whatever i was doing and that moment it was counterstrike 1.6. In a short time of playing the game i already made so
much progress in the game.

I met so many great people trough online and got myself in to alot of teams but never felt in the right place.

Now i'm part of Aetas-Esports and we're making alot of progress in a short ammount of time wich feels great to be part of.

My type of gameplay can switch up alot i can be verry agressive or verry passive in game.
I play whatevers right for the moment. I prefer to play aggresive and make kinda clutchy place to get my team in a good position.

Tim "T8im "Eussen"