Competition winners The-Party 14

We think that you were looking forward to our competitions even more than last year, because the battles were real! Especially the Corsair Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition and the AVerMedia Street Fighter V competition grew quite a bit in comparison with last year. Last year we already saw 22 extra teams in comparison with 2013, this year there were 18 teams more. The-Party is once again a bit of a Counter-Strike LAN, with 280 participants playing this game. Nice!

Comparing Street Fighter to last year might not be a hundred percent fair, because this was our first Street Fighter V competition. Last year we played Ultra Street Fighter IV. But we think it’s nice to say that we went from 24 fighters to 57 fighters. We doubled it! Special mention for ROCCAT Rocket League: our first competition for this game had 41 teams, 82 players.

For quite a few years, The-Party was a bit of an ECVisualize lanparty as well. Last year they won first place at five competitions and several second- and third places as well. This year is different. They won the Razer League of Legends competition once again and they also gained a second and third place, but other teams had more chances this edition. LowLandLions scored gold at the 4Launch League of Legends 1v1 competition and AT Gaming at both FIFA 16 and StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void. mCon eSports also won multiple prizes this year and is making a comeback, while Ruz3 Gaming and Asterion gained multiple winnings after only one edition of participating.

New this year: cosplay! We don’t have three, but four beautiful winners. Sanne is our well deserved winner, portraying the best Tiny Tina (Borderlands) possible thanks to her special cel-shaded style make-up and amazing costume. We’re definitely doing this next year as well!

GameGold AwardSilver AwardBronze Award
Corsair CSGOmCon eSportsECVisualizeAsterion
FIFA 16AT-PsychoboyAT.PwmageRage
Alienware HearthstoneRuz3.MitsuhideRuz3.ChinoizeLions.Galaxios
Razer LOLECVisualizeEnigma BeneluxAsterion
4Launch LOL 1v1LLL.KittyDW.RakanothCall 911 now
ROCCAT Rocket LeagueAETAS.Black666-gamingLions.Rebound Meisters
StarCraft 2AT.uThermalAT.FeaRmCon.RainMan
AVerMedia UTJiePieLions.AssassinECV.Nitsuj
Cosplay ContestSanneBelleSen