Christmas tree competition


Alright folks, November is almost at an end and that means that Christmas is around the corner. For Christmas this year Aetas is holding a “decorative Christmas tree competition”. We are competing to decorate our Christmas tree better and nicer then every other members of Aetas. Ofcourse there will also be a prize for the one who does the best job.

Sounds awesome, how can I compete ?

1. Set up your Chritsmas tree.
2. Decorate it as awesome as you can.
3. Take 2 pictures of the Christmas tree that you or your family decorated.
1 picture of the tree itself and 1 picture of the room it’s standing in (to exclude Christmas tree’s in shopping malls enz).
4. Reply on the forum post and add the pictures.
5. Manipulate and blackmail everybody to vote on your Christmas tree.

And what about that prize ?

Obviously you will be crowned as “the most awesomely epic Aetas Christmas tree decorater”, the titel that everybody wants. Your photo will also be used as the Aetas Christmas wish on the website and in the newsletter. If that isn’t enough we will also make available 50 euro as Steam gifts! That’s right 50 euro for you to pick your own Christmas present on Steam.

The competition closes on 15 December so make sure to reply on time!
From 16 December until 23 December there will be a poll attached to the forum topic so members can vote on who has the best tree. Winners will be announced on the 24th of December and will receive their gift the same day, just in time for Christmas eve.

Happy decorating !!tree