Aetas Hearthstone result from The Party

On our previous LAN there were several competitions were Aetas would attend. For Hearthstone Aetas had 3 players who would go for the prizes that were sponsored by Alienware and Roccat. First prize was a complete Alienware X51 gaming system and 400 euro. There was a new format being introduced, players had to create 4 decks and could not make any changes during the entire tournament. When facing your opponent each player could ban 1 deck from his/her enemy. There was no poule stage, just winner/loser bracket.

The decks that our players used were the following:

  • Hagno Secret Paladin, Freeze Mage, Control Warrior, Combo Druid
  • Gunnar Secret Paladin, Freeze Mage, Control Warrior, Dragon Priest
  • Bonezz Secret Paladin, Face Hunter, Combo Druid, Dragon Priest

Bonezz had his first match against Bunnycake and wins with an easy 3-0. His second match was against Yurka and it was very close throughout the match but eventually lost with 2-3, sending him to the loser bracket.
Hagno also wins his first match only with a much closer 3-2 victory. He then faced legendary player maDe who got an early 0-2 lead. Hagno kept his cool and won with 3-2. After that he faced opnes and played another exciting close match which he lost with 2-3.

Gunnar faced legendary player Gambit and lost with 1-3, being send immediately to the loser bracket. He struggled to win with his Freeze Mage deck, which he couldn’t change, all weekend.

Bonezz played his first match in the loser bracket against T3arz and got eliminated by him for the entire tournament.
Gunnar did a lot better and got 2 wins a row against Tonnelson (3-0) and Waffles (3-2). He then faces maDe who was knocked out by Hagno earlier. Gunnar got a early 2-0 lead, but couldn’t close the deal with his Freeze Mage deck and was eliminated with a total 2-3 score.

In the loser bracket Hagno beats Ancalagon 3-2 and then faces Gambit who knocked out Gunnar. He was motivated to got revenge on him and wins with 3-1. After that he faces Theo from which he lost with 0-3, being the last Aetas member to be eliminated. Nevertheless he had a very impressive top 12 finish on his first LAN event ever.