About Aetas

Here’s a piece of history about AETAS eSports.

It all started 5 years ago with the clan called Dutch Xtreme Gamerz ( DxG ). This clan was started in December 2008 with a small number of members. But mostly friends of each other.

When the clan got more members, we become larger. And with that amount of members, we started working with teams. And everything was well organized, we had alot of fun with the whole group.

DxG also had a lot of setbacks by teams that joined. These teams had a very nice talk and took a lot of people away from DxG. But we continued, and still fighting for our clan.

After more games came out we also wanted to work more seriously. Also with our teams , we wanted to achieve more than ever before. Here we started again with a fresh perspective on everything .

We started AETAS eSports with beautifull goals in mind. Ofcourse we will do our best at any time at any esports event including lan’s. And these goals are getting closer , see below :

  • Call of Duty 4 team: 8/12th
  • The Party 9 , Eindhoven 4th
  • Benelux Gaming LAN 4 access cod.academy channel # mIRC TOP4
  • Vita Nova Academy Cup Achievements
  • League of Legends team 3rd – Online cup with 128 teams competing
  • The Reality 11, Battefield 3 2nd

Unfortunately AETAS also received a down time which was 1.5 years offline. Since the end of August 2013 we are back online with full AETAS eSports, because it was a cozy and a nice Organization. There was also increasing demand for AETAS , and that’s why we started AETAS again with the same purposes as we had before.

We can now say, that we have a good community and also with confidential members.

Sincerely AETAS eSports .


Target: A fun sociable community for gamers where AETAS eSports facilitates by means of game servers and teamspeak.

As a community we try to organize annual oldschool gaming tournaments and we like to visit gaming events around Europe with the largest member group possible. Separately from the gaming activities we try to organize annual events. For example visiting an amusement park.

Our daily management exists of 5 committee members with each of us a different function. Next to us we have several staff members active within AETAS.

Haan070 (Hendrik) // Community Manager / Founder


Dewii (dEwii) // Community Manager (inactive)


Dragon013 (Edwin) // Financial manager


SonOfTorture (Sjoerd) // Team Manager