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Matias “xayR” Dijkstra

Role :IGL

My name is Matias Dijkstra, I’m 25 years old and have been playing counterstrike since 2003.
I played cs first for fun and with friends when 1.6 came out I seriously started playing cs.
Played in cs1.6 in the “top nl” and asked among others to play for myRevenge.
Due to my age and school, I unfortunately did not get this chance. but always keep on playing.
I am the igl of aetas my job is to call everything what we are going to do, if something goes wrong, i try to anticipate on that.
I also set the tactics for the team, I teach my teammates the smokes / flashes that the should throw .
I also try to make sure that always have good fibe.
I play cs because I get rest and enjoy the game.
We are joining aetas because it is a nice / supportive communty, if we have questions or something needs to be done, someone is always ready for us.
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Gilian “KirBBB” Dijkstra

Role : Lurcker

My name is Gilian Dijkstra.
I already live on this planet for 27 years.
At the age of 13 My life was so boring that i started to play counter strike.
And after playing for Some years i started to play very good that i became semi pro.
My team was myRevenge in germany!
Best years of My live untill ……. csgo came out. I hated that game. I did quit playing cs.
My life was over and after 3 years i started csgo again . And now im playing for aetas ! My role in cs support/lurk
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Bas “Bas NTC” in den Haak

Role: AWP

I am 18 years old and I started playing games at a very young age.
 When I was young I played a lot of racing games, because my parents wouldn’t allow me to play violent games.
 At 14 years of age, I was allowed to buy my first fps shooter, Call of duty Modern Warfare.
 I instantly loved fps games and I saw a lot of YouTubers playing CS:GO.
 It looked like a lot of fun, so in late 2014 I bought CS:GO.
 At first I didn’t really liked the game, this was mainly because none of my friends played it.
 This all changed when one of my best friends bought CS:GO in early 2016.
 Within a year we both achieved global, this motivated me even more, although my friend hooked off.
 In game I always preferred the AWP over any other guns.
 With AETAS I’m finally in a stable team and we are growing a lot.
 Although I’m always very aggressive, I play for the team, rather than for myself.
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Killan “kieliNno” Gonesh

Role: Entry/Support


Hi, my name is Killian gonesh.
from the Netherlands live up in the north Groningen.
I have been playing cs since 2008 on and off but i am familiar with FPS games.
Have played UT/Quake/Tactical Ops, So now for Aetas role entry/support.

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Role : TBA


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